Question Need guidance to stat goat farming in Angul, Odisha.

Discussion in 'Discussion Topics' started by bimal barik, Jul 7, 2017.

  1. bimal barik

    bimal barik New Member

    Hello.... I am bimal from angul, odisha. I want to start a goat farming business in my location. Therefore i want to know how can I transport goat from other state and other district in India. Any formalities are there for transport
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  2. shwethasvmg

    shwethasvmg Support Team Staff Member

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  3. devnsarkar

    devnsarkar Member

    Dear Mr. Bimal Barik , please contact me for ur entire Goat Project farm - Commercial / Trading / Breeding purpose with Rajasthani Goats.. Please call me on : Dr. Dev N Sarkar [ 094248-24775 / 094245-29457 ] or [ ] .. Also call and discuss with me and send ur WhatsApp No. also..
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  4. devnsarkar

    devnsarkar Member

    On Goatry sector , we provides complete infrastructure development with techno-commercial implementation on scientific basis.. Breed wise parent stock selection with procurement & supply of adults and growers Sirohi / Karouli / Sojat and Jamunapari breeds from their native place.. Also establish the complete comfort shed management , preventive health care , feeding systems with fodder & grazing management , breeding , kidding & hygiene management to support various growth parameters in Goat Farming …
    Dr. Dev N Sarkar , Ph.D.
    GGDFCS – Dairy & Livestock Development Services.

    Mob. No. [094245-29457 / 094248-24775 ]
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  5. greenlandfns

    greenlandfns Well-Known Member

    Can you please give us approximate cost for start up of a Goat Farm Project with 1000 goats (breeds suitable for Konkan region only-location between Ratnagiri and Kolhapur, on NH 166, hilly terrain with high monsoon rainfall and high temperature during summer) and approximate income within a year or two years that can be generated from the project? We have enough grazing space around (1000s of acres).
    We will get back to you for further matters and can take your consultancy services once we decide finally to start off-but we need the approximate cost and income information as above to take a decision. Certain breeds are not suitable for certain climatic regions as per our experience. Please mail us your contact details, location details along with the above requested information: E:
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  6. aksharambs

    aksharambs Active Member

    Contact for Project Report - Goat Farming

    Meticulous Business Solutions Private Limited
    Mr. Nikhil - Food & Agri Business Consultant
    +91 992 167 1578
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  7. devnsarkar

    devnsarkar Member

    REPLY:: Thanks for your Queries recd.. Sorry - could'nt reply in time due to family Condolence at Rajasthan.. For 1000 nos. goats project , Konkan region is suitable for Rajasthani Goats i.e. Sirohi , Karouli Black , Sojat White and Barbari ( UP Breed ),, but Goat shed must be prepare in heights (at least 5.0 ft high from ground level.. But , parent breed stock Goats needs different & specific management systems.. Plz send me one member 's name & Mobile nos. to me , so I can discuss with him time to time.. I had visited some areas of Konkan like Guhagar , Devgarh , Dapoli etc. and those regions are good for Goat farming.. So , plz Nominate one person for discuss with me.. Best regards , Dr. D. N. Sarkar [ 094248-24775 / 094245-29457 ]]
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  8. ranjayasahoo

    ranjayasahoo New Member

    Sir,this is RANJAYA from Odisha wanted to start Goat farming in our locality,climate conditions is hot,humidity level is more because it is near by lake chilika.My what's app no is 7873076272 and email Id is
    Initially we wanted to start with 20+2 Goats,what would be total Project cost,Can you suggest which breed will be suitable for our area.
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  9. kedarnb

    kedarnb New Member

    Hello sir I am kedar from angul, odisha. I want to start a goat farming business in my location. Therefore i want to know how can I start the project and how will get loan from bank.
  10. olaidairydealer

    olaidairydealer New Member

    Hi Bimal,

    yes, we can provide you with low cost shed design plan and also we arrange transportation facilities across india for our customers.

    we have good quality goats/sheeps at all sizes and ages. kindly visit our website for further details -

    Dhanabal Nagulsamy

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