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  1. bhargavaram1

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    Hi I am interested to setup 3 acre poly house near nellore. Can anyone tell me where to find information on type of crops, economics and is organic poly house farming possible ?
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  2. maitys

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    Agriculture is an industry, a science , a practice and an art, that can only be learned through experience; trial and error methodology .

    Poly house farming is a specialised, controlled environment farming of high value, speciality crops (cut flowers, vegetables grown off-season, short season greens, micro greens,or seedling etc.) that can fetch high market price.
    In Poly houses, many types of controlled environment farming is possible i.e. plants grown in a medium (a combination of soil, vermiculite, coir pith, etc.) in pots; or 5 types of HYDROPONICS (wick system, ebb and flow system, deep water culture , nutrient film technique (NFT) and aerophonics). Most of these techniques are highly complex, sophisticated, and require constant attention to make it a success.
    Many poly house farms fail due to poor planning and inadequate preparation for starting the operations. Before starting poly house farming, you need to develop a business plan where you consider all of the following:
    Location, Business model ,Water,Growing medium , Power supply , Floor design, Input sourcing , Monitoring ,Supply chain planning , Waste management , Technical advice from expert , ROI , Manpower .
    For a broad theoretical idea and brief practical exposure you can attend IHT ( Noida )
  3. garao56

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    Dear sir , you can set up poly houses in 3 acres. National Horticulture Board is extending 50% subsidy for setting up of poly houses , Approximately 7 lakhs for each 1000 sq mt poly house ( 4 units per acre). Also they give 25 to 50% initial cost of cultivation depending up on the crops grown in poly houses.

    You can take up Capsicum, Cucumber, flowers like roses, zerbara etc

    Organic cultivation can be taken up in open fields.

    Nutrients for crops in in poly houses shall be applied through fertigation for desirable yields other wise uneconomical

    Please contact us for project report with details of farming :

    G.Anandarao B.Sc(Ag)
    Retd Agricultural Officer & Agricultural Banker,
    Vijaya Agro Consultants
    Vijayawada -520013, A.P
  4. peetsaga

    peetsaga New Member

    Sir does this subsidy apply for TN aswel
  5. garao56

    garao56 Active Member

    Yes , for entire India from National Horticulture Board

    G. Anandarao
    Vijaya Agro Consutants
  6. prabhakarchaganti

    prabhakarchaganti New Member

    Hi Sir
    , do you consult for the people in Hyderabad too
  7. chn_investor

    chn_investor New Member

    I am a grower of cut flowers under Polyhouse in 3.5 acres in Hosur. I have received subsidy under NHB. I shall be happy to help people who are looking to do Polyhouse farming.
    Feel free to contact

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