Question Need guidance to start up Cattle farm.

Discussion in 'Discussion Topics' started by ramarajan11, May 17, 2017.

  1. ramarajan11

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    I need a help for starting cattle farm
  2. ranjith1

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    I can guide you to start a cattle farm
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    Call me for complete set up and successful management of dairy farm
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    Milk producing company means nothing but a dairy unit where you require Cows and the feed for the cows. It is better to start with only 5 animals because it is not like machines playing with live animals. If you failed on the care part, you will lose the investment itself.


    1. Plan your project up to the next 10 years accordingly decide how many acres of land you require, a minimum requirement is 5 acres. The investment on the land should be cheaper. Nowadays, awareness about milk is huge, you could start where ever you want but the land should be nearer to at least to any Taluk. Need not be nearer to City like Bangalore or Chennai.

    2. Start with 5 animals, before buying go and stay with the seller of the cow, check the milk yielding and if possible the doctors record about the disease.

    3. Plan your own feed to the cows don't buy ready mix cow feed, it will eat your profit.

    4. Fix the Vet.Doctor available in the local area, who can periodically visit the farm and look after their care.

    5. Initially, plan to supply the milk to the local societies, by this time create your own direct consumers. You would not get profit if keep on supply the milk to the societies.

    6. For the 5 cows, you could do all the work manually, you will require 3 labors to look on the 5 cows, you could keep on adding the number of cows. Milking machine, Fodder cutter, and grinding mechanism is the must. The pricing is available in google, browse it.

    Finally, for a better result check a well-maintained dairy farm in your locality, work for few week as an unpaid labor, you will get the practical experience.

    Hope, I have clarified something useful to you and the viewers.

    Plan with Jersy and HF cows. Even though the demand of desi cow is there, it is limited.

    Also, keep one or two buffaloes, it will eat the remains of the cow feed

    Shajath ali
    We Care, Realtors
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    Dear Sri Ramaranjan ,

    Please contact us for Bankable project report and inform us number of animals to be inducted and other land particulars .
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