Question Need guidance to start up bamboo contract farming in Agra, Uttar Pradesh.

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    Hi, I want to grow bamboo Plant in my area Fathepur sikri ,Agra, Uttar Pradesh. Is there anyone which can help me from where to get bamboo seedling , which variety, any buyback agency, my contact no .9711880238
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  3. sogarwal

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    Can i grow tulda / bambusa bamboo in my farm . From where will i get sapling .Is there any govt agency which can help me in my area
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    Bamboo is a component of agro forestry system and plays an important role in enhancing productivity, sustainability and resource conservation.
    Bamboos require four to five years to yield first harvest, if grown from offsets, which is much earlier than any other woody species.
    If raised from seedlings, first harvest is obtained after seven years. This initial period can be sustainable utilised for raising inter crops and enhancing sustainability and income of the growers.
    In moist humid zones of North-east India,West Bengal and Odisha, genus Bambusa is most commonly cultivated.
    In less moist to semi-drier parts of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, B. bambos and D. strictus are commonly cultivated a long with B. balcooa, B. tulda and B. nutans species .
    There are several Bamboo cultivation models i.e.
    Block plantation / agri-silviculture system
    Bamboo + conifer + broadleaf timber trees
    Bamboos + tea
    Bamboo as windbreak
    Bamboo + Medicinal Plants
    Bamboo + crops + fish ponds
    Bamboo + edible fungi
    Bamboo + poultry/dairy farm
    Economics of bamboo cultivation Rs 2.5-3.0 lac / ha / reaching maturity age ( 4-5 yrs )
    Cost Benefit ratio : 1.2-1.5
    Bamboo is locally tradeable product , contract farming is not applicable .
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