Pending - Question Need guidance to start-up alovera production.

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  1. dinesh_sengar

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    Hai every one in the group I am interested in production of alovera in my fields to start. Where to buy plants and where to sell the crop
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  2. shwethasvmg

    shwethasvmg Support Team Staff Member

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  3. venkcae3

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    I can guide you contact 9666647177
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  4. greenlandfns

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    We provide complete consultancy services (from planning cultivation projects to marketing of products) for medicinal plants including Aloe Vera.
    Never go for single crop farming is our faithful advise to all farmers and those who want to enter farming.
    Please mail us to get details of Integrated Green Farm Projects with multiple high value crops and other activities that can generate highest income from land. Please mail your land details along with your contact details: E:
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