Question Need guidance to start-up aloevera farming

Discussion in 'Discussion Topics' started by patelpankaj006, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. patelpankaj006

    patelpankaj006 New Member

    Hello sir I m from Ahmedabad (Gujarat).
    I want to do aloevera farming on my 5acres of my land and more.
    Please provide me full details of how to grow and where to sell it.
    Thank you ☺
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  2. venkcae3

    venkcae3 Active Member

    contact 9666647177
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  3. maalin06

    maalin06 New Member

    Hello sir I am going to study how to fertilize and farming chicken I don't have any idea about it, but I am so interesting to see and study it, I want to make it one of my skills in my future time so please help me and guid me where i can get full training and enough material, thank you so much.
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