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  1. Dear sir ,
    We are planning to start agri businessWe are team of five and already got the land and registration done equally to each individual . Can we start a firm can include this or we need to transfer this land to on firm name , If we do in this way will it possible to get subsidy as we are getting benfits like individual farmer from the government /nabard and loans from the banks Please suggest me which way is best to operate . Please help out or if any consultants on this kindly send me details or if any consulting charges please let me know.

    Please suggest .

    Thanks Prakash 9866456256
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    Dear Mr. Prakash,

    If you have the vision and committed mission for a higher future growth, then it will be better to form a company (Pvt Ltd/Ltd) instead of a partnership. Subsidies and government assistance will be available for the land/cultivation projects and other projects you are doing. For it your status as individuals, partnership, company etc are not much relevant. It will be advisable not to transfer land property into Partnership name/company name, and you can do the project/business in Partnership/Company name. The land can be leased out to the firm/company for use, and in that way you retain the ownership of the land, which is the best thing to do, by all future possibilities and contingencies.
    We provide Concept to Completion (C2C) Consultancy Services for Integrated Green Farm Projects (IGFP)/Agri Business Projects, based on Sustainable Farm Development & Management System (SFDMS) including High Value Crops-Multi Cultivation Organic System (HVC-MCOS of Herbs, Spices, Flowers, Vegetables, Fruits, Cereals, Pulses, Plantation Crops etc) and Other Farm Income Activities such as Bee Keeping, Organic Farm Tourism, Ayurvedic Tourism, Animal Husbandry, Fishery, Butterfly Park, Bird Park, Walk in Aviary of Exotic Birds, Pets Zoo, Reptile Park, Aquaria etc) and Farm Products Value Addition Enterprises (MSMEs).

    We assure cash flow from farm projects within 90 days (3 months) so that start up investment is kept at the lowest level possible. We promote cultivation of marketable high value crops and marketable add-on activities only and generate multiple incomes from the farm simultaneously through diverse activities. We don’t promote mono culture crops and mono activity projects.

    We provide complete consultancy services (from farm design to product marketing) for setting up and sustainable and successful management of IGFPs based on SFDMS and HVC-MCOS. We have been providing these services during the last 10 years to small, medium and large farmers all over India.

    We provide Concept to Completion (C2C) consultancy services to farmers and others to earn highest income from own/lease land, with lowest possible start up investment. The cash flow from 90 days onward can be reinvested for planned development and within 3 years, the project will become highly successful with high return on investment (short term and long term income) along with converting the whole land into a verdant heaven of diverse plants and animals.

    Any type of land in any location (MSL 0-4000 M Altitude) can be converted into a high income IGFP based on SFDMS and HVC-MCOS. Abundant water supply is a must. The farmer/project owner should be committed to the project fully and ready to be with us, with committed love of land and the Mother Earth and beings around to achieve complete success. Existing mono culture or mono activity farm projects can be converted into successful IGFPs through HVC-MCOS system, Multi Activities and Value Addition Activities.

    We promote only Organic/ Biodynamic/ Traditional/ Natural/Vriksha Ayurveda cultivation practices. We provide complete consultancy for designing the project, sourcing investment through loan or otherwise (if the farmer/project owner is not able to invest own funds for startup), conduct feasibility studies and prepare feasibility report, prepare basic concept design (BCD), detailed project report (DPR) and assist in getting loan, subsidies, grants etc, and market products.

    We will provide a free feasibility/viability analysis of the project if you can provide the following information: land-location village, total area (attach photographs if available), land type-dry, wet, semi wet, water logged, rocky, pebble-ridden, sandy, sandy loamy, soil condition-pH and EC level if tests done, nutrient levels-if test done attach report, water quality (pH, EC, BOD, COD etc, if tests done, attach report), water availability in summer and rain fall information, cropping history of the land over the last 5-10 years (especially chemical fertilizer and pesticide use), crops in the surrounding lands, your investment capacities and constraints, loan required or not required, local labour availability, labour rates etc.

    To get further details, please mail a request with details of your land, location details, your contact details, and any project idea you want to implement and your capacities and limitations with regard to investment and management of the project.
    Please see basic information at:
    Please send inquiry mail with the above details to:
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  5. Sir,

    Sincerely deep from my heart , very very thanks full for the guidance and information.

    Thank you so much sir

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