Question Need guidance to start country chicken farm industry.

Discussion in 'Discussion Topics' started by bhagath700, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. bhagath700

    bhagath700 New Member

    Dear sir,

    please guide me for start a country chicken farm, regarding initial cost, planning, process, marketing, e.t.c.

    Thanks & Regards
  2. abdumail

    abdumail Member

    We can help you with Desi Kodi (Country Chicken) Farming as we have expertise with previous experience.
    We will prepare project report with all financial data, guide you from sourcing until sale/marketing, market-making.
    Please send email with your background, land availability, investment and your contact details on
  3. bhagath700

    bhagath700 New Member

    Thank you and i will reach you on mail soon.
  4. olaidairydealer

    olaidairydealer New Member

    Hi Bhagath Kumar,

    we have expertise in developing and maintaining gaming fowl and country chicken farms. we can provide you detailed information for chicken coop designing, chicken varities and nos, vaccination schedule intervels, and methods. we provide you solutions with cost effective high yielding techniques.

    Feel free to reach us @ 9629057916/

    kindly visit our website for detailed informations -

    Dhanabal Nagulsamy

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