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    I'm from Vellore, Tamil nadu. i wud like start a diary farm, Goat Farm, Poultary Farm, it means INTEGERATED ORGANIC FARM on commercial basis starting of 10 cows LIKE HF, JERSEY, COUNTRY COW, AND 20 goats, 50 country chicken. in future TARGET it may be extend upto 200 cows, 1000 goats, 5000 country chicken. so
    please help me with below questions.

    1. What will be the estimation cost for 10 cows
    2. What breed cows recommended
    3. how much area required to yield the crops for cows and what are the crops?
    4. Cost of the machine which is used in dairy ,goat, poultary farm ?
    5.Where to sell the milk, goats etc with value for money?
    6. what is the construction cost of shelter for cows, goats, poultary etc?

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    , I am also from vellore.
    U better walk to KVK office.
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