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    I recently acquired 5 acres of land near western ghats (Rajapalayam). I want help from experts on the below. There is no EB or well, but water from nearby farms are very good and high fertile red soil.
    1. Solar fence (land is prone to elephants, deers,..) - for all 5 acres
    2. Open well or Borewell for 5 Acres of land
    3. Solar pumps as there is no EB (planning to do drip)
    4. Planning to put 3 acres of lemon - Balaji lemon variety -> Any other preferences for high yield and good returns?
    5. 1.5 acres for coconut (hybrid) - please suggest good varieties - also thinking whether to go for red lady papaya
    6. .4 to .5 acres for other crops like tomatoes or onions.

    Please kindly let me know your experiences in above points. I am zero in agriculture at this point of time.
    I am also thinking to hire a part time agri consultant to visit land once in 2-3 days, is it a good idea?
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    Iam karthikeyan, started a agri co. "The G organic fields ". We are launch a exclusive brand for keerai named "NITHAM ORU KEERAI" and proposed to get the keerai (7-types) from the famers like u and sell the same to markets as per the perfect branding procedures.
    In our own field we get minimum of 1000 bundles/day/acre. so a farmer producer shall earn rs.3000/day/acre all through the year. We also do consultancy, and buy the keerai from u. Contact immdly. 6385735964
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