Question Need guidance for start-up of oil extraction plants

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    Good day to all,
    I live in Hyderabad and I'd like to cultivate Medicinal and Aromatic Plants and extract oil from them.
    I'd be glad if anyone can guide me which MAPs (Medicinal & Aromatic Plants) are in demand now.
    How long do they take to grow to yield good quality oil and where do I get to buy/ lease an oil extraction plant?
    I had tried to contact CIMAP, Hyderabad, but they do not respond or take calls (no offence though).
    Any person/ organisation who/ which is really experienced in this activity can help me out (I'm a novice in this field).
    Better with a contract farming so that initially I can just produce and sell for a better price of course.
    Thanks in advance
    K Venkat Raghuveer
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    hey you can take guidance from pacific herbs cousultancy located in nagpur

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