Question Need guidance and also want to see some ongoing sheep farimg to start-up a sheep farm

Discussion in 'Discussion Topics' started by itzgowda, Nov 24, 2018.

  1. itzgowda

    itzgowda New Member

    Hi I am planing to start sheep farming so before that I want to see and understand the process of some ongoing farm so can any one help me in this
    Anywhere near Bangalore and Kolar and ready to visit
  2. Support

    Support Moderator Staff Member

  3. vishnusheepfarm

    vishnusheepfarm New Member

    hello sir, if u are passion about animal husbandry business then go for Sheep farming or goat farming..
    u have a great market for sheep & goat Meat..

    for more information regarding sheep farming free to call on 827777252..
    thank you
  4. manjunaik

    manjunaik New Member

    How to take a bank loan sir and what is that process to be done
  5. intertrade

    intertrade Active Member

    Anyone seriously interested call me,
    100s have asked for many project details done nothing, problem is these guys without basic knowledge nurture ideas!

    Bank loan is totally a different subject with many details being updated.

    And nothing comes free is Valuable.

    Note that there are no bovine farms around Bangalore.

    Mobile. 9620 557190, 7010 334055.
  6. intertrade

    intertrade Active Member

    Look at the numbers declared?!
  7. garao56

    garao56 Active Member

    Please contact us for project report under subsidy scheme of NABARD for 100+5 unit

    G. Anandarao B.Sc(Ag)
    Rtd. Agricultural Officer & Agricultural Banker
    Yanamalakuduru, Vijayawada -520013, Krishna Dt, AP

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