Wanted Need farmers to do medicinal farming which will be contract farming and highly benefit.

Discussion in 'Discussion Topics' started by saikf15f, Feb 2, 2018.

  1. saikf15f

    saikf15f Active Member

    We need farmers to do medicinal farming which will be contract farming and highly benefit for the farmers.

    If any one is interested to do please let us know for the same, because we require huge land for it and there little bit investment from the farmers.

    Please call us for the discussion .


    Sainath K
  2. ashishpoke75

    ashishpoke75 New Member

    I want to do cultivet alovera
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  3. bhumichand23

    bhumichand23 New Member

    i want to cultivate aloe vera on contract farming . also i am intersted to supply as many aloe vera leaves , but interested to know its detailed process.
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  4. ashu26

    ashu26 New Member

    I am interested in aloe vera farming kindly guide me.
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  5. sudharshanreddy

    sudharshanreddy New Member

    I am ready to cultivate
    As per contract
    Feel free to contact
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  6. naturalworld

    naturalworld Member

    We have land in Odisha and Jharkhand if anyone interested contact farming contact me
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  7. velgun

    velgun New Member

    What type of plants you need
  8. vigneswarao

    vigneswarao New Member

    iam intrested tulasi(ocimum)farming.
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  9. angad2412

    angad2412 New Member

    I have 7 acre of land in chandrapur district... My contact number is 09579912839
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  10. rkatakam

    rkatakam New Member

    hi Sainath, I am Mr. Ram, I am interested in it and to cultivate in 25 acrs close to Nagarjuna Sagar Resorvoir, Andhra Pradesh, please do let me know your free time to have a quick call on the same. I am looking forward to work with you. I would be available on +91 94918 93370 (whatsapp) and katakam.ramakrishna@gmail.com. Thanks,Ram
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  11. imtiaz1

    imtiaz1 New Member

    Which state & what size of land parcel are u looking at, revert on imtiaz1@rediffmail.com
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  12. senthamil

    senthamil New Member

    Sir i am from tamilnadu having cultivation land suitable for all types, and i am interest to do medicinal farming. Please let me know.
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  13. blackstar

    blackstar New Member

    How much minimum land and investment is needed to start medicinal farming.
    Mohan 9822454130
  14. imtiaz1

    imtiaz1 New Member

    Pls check ur mail
  15. viswachaitanya

    viswachaitanya New Member

    Hi Sainath sir,

    I am interested to forming I have 20 acres land and I have 10 acres irrigation with drip fecility I am very much interested your offer plz send me which crop you want I promise I will give best quality plz contact to me

    Best regards
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  16. pushpammani

    pushpammani New Member

    I have the the huge land for cultivates contact me WhatsApp +918524945234
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  17. ranarajesh

    ranarajesh New Member

    Please let me know how much land is required and what are terms and conditions I have land in Haryana
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  18. shaik1969

    shaik1969 New Member

    iam interested can manage 20 acres please send me details
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  19. chitta06

    chitta06 New Member

    Dear Sainath
    I am from Odisha and interested for contract farming for medicinal plants. Pls let me Know the details.
    Thanking you
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  20. shaik1969

    shaik1969 New Member

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