Wanted Need Exotic vegetables

Discussion in 'Discussion Topics' started by vishnuj, Dec 11, 2018.

  1. vishnuj

    vishnuj New Member

    Need exotic vegetables supply from Kerala or nearest places. Vegetables-
    . Lettuce . Iceberg lettuce
    . Red cabbage . Asparagus
    . Leek . Celery
  2. 7654320

    7654320 New Member

    Send me guantity and location Gopi from vellore
  3. pragai

    pragai Member

    Your mail id Sir
  4. tridev

    tridev New Member

    Red Cabbage is ready from new year and Asparagus is starting to harvest in 2months Available from Bangalore nearby. Direct Farmer supply
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  5. tridev

    tridev New Member

  6. tridev

    tridev New Member

    broccoli available now and harvesting regular
  7. motin

    motin Member

    lettuce, cabbage, Kale, Rocket, Celery, Basil etc available in Kerala.
    Please your location,
  8. hms786

    hms786 New Member

    we are growing following exotic herbs Organic available at Mysore

    Lettuce, Parsley, Kale, basil, Cherry tomatoes, Red Capsicum, Celery, Brocolli,

    Contact: 9845237861 or nayeem_pasha@yahoo.com
  9. greenlandfns

    greenlandfns Well-Known Member

    If there is regular (Buying assurance) we can cultivate in our project farms in Kerala, TN, Karnataka (Bangalore, Hubli), Bhiwandi (Thane) etc and assure supply. Please see our diverse posts in this site (Well Known Member: greenlandfns). Please also see our Farming Training Course details in this site. Mail us for follow up with regular quantity requirements to E: greenlandfns@gmail.com
  10. ckmcotex

    ckmcotex New Member

    HI Gopi,
    pls share your contact @ 7598227464. Vinod

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