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  1. ramineni999

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    Looking to start Country chicken farming purely for meat purpose in Hyderabad. Please let me know details of:
    Available breeds
    Pure breed Chicks availability (where to get pure Aseel Breed Chicks)
    Weight they can get in 120 days - 140 days
    Marketing strategies
    Current market price and Demand
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    @krishna77, @nand03fe - please view this conversation and share your ideas/suggestions
  3. krishna77

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    Sri Krishna Enterprise Breads manufacturing company
    Supply desi country chicks high bread Giriraj,Turkey etc supply wholesale price including vaccination very cheaper rate

    Without feeds.

    Natural forming

    Any clarify requirements

    Call to this number

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  4. krishna77

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    Requirements : Indoor 21 X 40 feet shed for 1000 chicks as shown in video,
    Out door space 35 X 40 feet space covered with diamond fence.
    2. 1000 lts drinking water per day
    3. Feed and vaccination information is depends up on the type of food available locally(since it is country bird).
    4. 120 days to harvest.
    5 . Market rate Rs.160 to Rs.180 per Kg ( farm rate).
    6. Expense Rs.120 per bird till harvest including bird cost (bird cost depends up on market value).

    For any other information kindly feel free to contact:
    Managering director

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  5. krishna77

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    Sri Krishna Enterprise Beads manufacturing company

    Nati chicken is not like boiler chicken, there are many breeds in nati chicken, the normal Nati Chicken that you get in villages will be ready for sale after 6 months of hatching when compared to boiler which grows in 45 days, the sale price is high in Nati Chicken approximately Rs.120-140 per KG depending on your area

    1. No need to buy chicks, once you have the initial lot of birds they reproduce very quickly and will multiply rapidly, you will have to provide a safe place for hatching of chicks and the rest will be done by the birds
    2. Limited feed requirement, if you are growing Nati Chicken they can thrive on food waste and a little ragi or rice barn
    3. No threat of diseases - if you keep your chickens separate from other flocks of chicken in nearby areas there is no chance of diseases
    4. higher market rate

    1. Long growing time: 6 months
    2. Building of permanent structures for housing the birds in large numbers has not been done and may not be profitable due to the long waiting period

    My suggestion:

    there is Giriraja breed of chicken, just google it you will find the details, they grow to 1.5 kgs in 2 months time, but you will have to provide a little feed as well, there are some farmers who are growing Giriraja commercially

    other points to note:

    for every 5 hens you have to keep 1 cock for pure eggs production, they can produce about 180 eggs
    and for meat production you can have 1 cock for every 8 hens

    U can earn more profit more information
    Contact by Krishna


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  6. garao56

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    Please contact us for project reports for availing Bank term loans and for technical guidance.
    The country chiken chicks are available at Chennai on large scale.
    The chicks will gain a weight of 2 kgs in 150 dayscosting around Rs.400 to 500 per bird

    G.Ananda Rao,
    Ex. Agricultural Officer & Agricultural Banker,
    Vijaya Agro Consultnats,

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