Wanted Need contract farmers for organic vegetable farming

Discussion in 'Discussion Topics' started by csbk1234, Sep 30, 2017.

  1. guargum

    guargum Member

    How much farmers do you need ? where do you need farmers ?
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  2. pooja29

    pooja29 New Member

    Interested in contract farming plz mail me your state and requirements on ppatidar.iips@gmail.com
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  3. imtiaz1

    imtiaz1 New Member

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  4. sangeetha6

    sangeetha6 New Member

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  5. abc_1234

    abc_1234 New Member

    I am interested . I have 2056sq.meter polyhoue also available .
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  6. imtiaz1

    imtiaz1 New Member

    What are u interested in?
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  7. imtiaz1

    imtiaz1 New Member

    pls check ur mail
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  8. viswachaitanya

    viswachaitanya New Member

    I am interested please contact me
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  9. viswachaitanya

    viswachaitanya New Member

    I am interested . I have 22 acerAc land with irrigation fecility. I have two bore wells and one pond and I have 7 Acer's mango trees and 30 coconut trees now I am doing in organic way . I am not using any pesticides . I am interested please contact to me my mblno:9594712823,8328572020
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  10. shaik1969

    shaik1969 New Member

    My self Shaik Riyazur Rahiman For Andhra Pradesh
    Send me details
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  11. shaik1969

    shaik1969 New Member

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  12. deepakshirke131

    deepakshirke131 New Member

    I'm am interested. I am having 12 acres of land in Maharashtra at jalgaon
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  13. geosky

    geosky Member

    I am interested pls share ur number
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  14. kalearjun

    kalearjun New Member

    Which state and district
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  15. kiran dama

    kiran dama New Member

    We are planing to start organica form in Andhra Pradesh,
    Total land 10 Acers available.
    Pure red soil
    Fruits and vegetables are good for this land
    Full pledged water
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  16. chittaranjan behura

    chittaranjan behura New Member

    I am interested. I am having 12 acres for organic farming. It is around Bhubaneswar. Please contact me on 8763195730 or mail me at Chittaranjan2006@gmail.com
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  17. tulsi73

    tulsi73 New Member

    i am very much interested in contract farming , request to send me detail
    Mobile no 9890022011
    Nagpur , Maharashtra
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  18. jiwanbhai

    jiwanbhai New Member

    I'm interested kindly provide me all details about this I'm from Maharashtra contact me on
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  19. divisrikan

    divisrikan New Member

    Can you reach in 8610177339
  20. farmashwini

    farmashwini New Member

    Sir plz give your contact no as I am willing to grow hydroponic veg
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