Wanted Need business partner for our vegetables business

Discussion in 'Discussion Topics' started by prakashfvp, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. prakashfvp

    prakashfvp New Member

    Hi ,
    We hv already started a vegetables business we need business partner for more developing our company to export level please contact those who are interested to grow...
    freshvegpoint at gmail.com
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  2. mpfrm1

    mpfrm1 New Member

    i am intrested got agri land in maharashtra planing to get a new start
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  3. shaik1969

    shaik1969 New Member

    How much investment required ?
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  4. prakashfvp

    prakashfvp New Member

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  5. sangeetha6

    sangeetha6 New Member

    Hi Mr.Prakash,
    We are interested to buy All kinds of Vegetables, for Trading. We are from Chennai, TamilNadu.
    Pl Contact through mb+W/A: 91-9176452255

    Email: jupiteragriexports@gmail.com
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  6. naturalworld

    naturalworld Member

    We are interested we have contacts international level of u want as. Business dev partners than contacts me 9163273016

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