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Discussion in 'Discussion Topics' started by yuvarajkg, Nov 22, 2018.

  1. yuvarajkg

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    We have 4 acer coconut treas which is about 13 years now, till now i am not getting the yield, we have well and 2 bore well , water supply to the trees with trip irrigation with 3 days once for each tree,
    till now no income.
    need your recommendation for good yielding.
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  2. motin

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  3. bhavsinh

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    Coconut yield depending climate and verieti pls send your land location and veriti.we are providing all guidelines
  4. chhayamishra law

    chhayamishra law New Member

    My coconut tree always sheds it's button /baby coconut fruits,I want to know how I prevent from falling?Now a day coconut tree still dropping the small fruits.
    Please help me out with guide line.
  5. greenlandfns

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    We can make them yield through Vriksha ayurveda, spiritual and organic farming methods with lowest costs. Please see our diverse posts in this site: Well-Known Member: greenlandfns. Please mail us details of your farm, photos along with your contact details to E:
  6. totyanik12

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    Hey. I decided to tackle an interesting topic, I used to do a little pineapple, my friend Timur Artemiev does coconuts, I will ask him, he will tell

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