Question NABARD Subsidy For Dairy.

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  1. rrshiny

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    I would like to start a Dairy with 10 buffalos( Telangana state) and I heard that NABARD has cancelled subsidy (25%) to General category. Please provide me the information regarding subsidy availability.

    Ramesh sama.
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  2. dhanamvmg

    dhanamvmg Support Team Staff Member

  3. dhanamvmg

    dhanamvmg Support Team Staff Member

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  4. garao56

    garao56 Active Member

    Nabard subsidy for 10 amimlas is available.The unit cost for 10 animals is Rs.6.00 Lakhs , subsidy Rs.1.50 Lakhs , Your margin Rs.0.60 Lakhs (Initial Bank term loan will be Rs.5.40 Lakhs, After receipt of subsidy (back end) your are required to repay Rs.3.90 Lakhs . If project report is required please contact us.

    G.Ananda Rao ,B.Sc (Ag), Ex.Agricultural Officer & Agricultural Banker, Vijaya Agro Consultants, Vijayawada , AP: Mobile :9703128495,
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  5. rrshiny

    rrshiny New Member

    Thank you for yours support @dhanamvmg and thanks for valuable information@ Anand rao....I will definitely contact you if anything requires...
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  6. marpffc9

    marpffc9 Member

    Yes NABARD subsidy is continued for the year 2016-2017 for a number of schemes including small dairy scheme. Ananda rao's reply is correct.For any update please contact the local district office or concerned State level Regional office of NABARD. I am Ex AGM of NABARD now providing agriculture consultancy to farmers. For more details please email to or contact Mob 7337633610
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  7. rameshgade

    rameshgade New Member

    Hi Ananda rao garu, is it possible to get subsidy from NABARD for pink ration card holder and can u pls send me project details to my mail id
    Thanks& regards
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  8. aksharambs

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    Generally for dairy farming and milk processing - we provide startup consultation right from planning to execution.

    Initial Consulting – Business Modelling
    Business Plans /Project Report – Dairy Farm
    Company Registration
    Land Selection Assistance
    Shed Design
    Assisted Animal Buying Program
    Assisted Machinery Buying Program

    and Many more ...

    Please contact us to start your dairy Farm.

    Meticulous Business Solutions
    Mr. Yogesh - Food & Agri Business Consultant
    +91 992 167 1369
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  9. nkjohri

    nkjohri New Member

    We are looking for dairy (medium to large scale) partners at our farm near Madurai. The partners must have prior dairy business experience.
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  10. vinu717e

    vinu717e New Member

    Please send me a detailed report
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  11. maheshfarm

    maheshfarm New Member

    Hi sir
    Please I also want to take the loan of rs 6 lac
    Bank don't give loan without jankari
    Please help me what should I do
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  12. aksharambs

    aksharambs Active Member


    What information your are looking for?

    You can call to our expert and get the information.
    Meticulous Business Solutions Private Limited.
    Mr. Yogesh - Food & Agri Business Consultant
    +91 992 167 1369
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  13. mahatekar

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