Wanted Murrel fish in large quantity

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  1. manapparai

    manapparai New Member

    Where can we procure murrel fish in large quantity in Tamilnadu and around?
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  2. maitys

    maitys Active Member

    Do you want striped snakehead murrel fish seeds ( spawn ) or fully mature fish ?

    Bengalis consume sweet water fishes 5 days a week , and there are 150 plus native varieties of sweet water fish. One of them is stripped snakehead sweet water murrel ( Bengali vernacular name : Shol )

    More than 12 sweet water fish spawn ( seed) hatchery in West bengal are engaged in captive breeding and snakehead murrel seed producing business .

    Snakehead murrel seed rate Rs. 2-5 / each , varies with size and season .
    Fully mature fresh Snakehead ( 1-2 kg live wt. ) wholesale rate varies with Rs 100-150 / kg
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  3. manapparai

    manapparai New Member

    Thank you for the information
    It seems you are in West Bengal. I want to set a shol pond and a sales centre.
    I am in Tamilnadu. won't it be difficult to transport these fishes alive to such a longer distance?
    Can you tell the possibilities and if there are any on going projects.
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  4. maitys

    maitys Active Member

    Yes, I'm from West Bengal .
    3 commercial types of murrel species are cultured in west bengal .
    Channa marulius ( Giant Murrel ) , channa striatus ( Striped Murrel ) ,Channa punctatus ( Spotted Murrel )
    Average yield : 2-4 MT / Ha/ Yr
    Growing period : 8-10 months
    2-4 inch size Snakehead Murrel fish seedlings are usually packed in water filled polybag with oxygen and tin can or recycled plastic drum .
    Packing gross weight : 8 kgs
    shipment through daily Rly parcel service or by flight .
    For more details you can contact : bhcv@ymail.com

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  5. manapparai

    manapparai New Member

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  6. manapparai

    manapparai New Member

    It is very good.
    I want to set a small pond of 20feet length, 6feet breadth and 4feet depth. in a 10 cent Land using tarpaulin sheets. If it works well we can set one more pond of the same magnitude.
    secondly I want to know the possibility of stocking grown fishes and sell them here.
    Is it possible to transport grown fishes by train to Tamilnadu at the cost which you stated in your previous message.
    what would be the cost of package of 8kg. seeds and the transport charges by train and flight.
    Thanks a lot.
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  7. maitys

    maitys Active Member

    Murrel fish culture is successful in waste ponds with mixed fish species i.e. Magur ( Walking Catfish) Singi ( Indian torrent catfish ) Koi ( Climbing perch ) Pabda ( Indian Catfish ) etc.
    Food habit of snakeheads is different from other catfish species .

    Snakehead are fed mainly on fresh trash fish , snail , tadpole , chicken offal , animal blood meal etc .
    100 % pelleted fish feed is not fit for murrel fish growth .

    Thailand fish farmers prepares farm made fish feed for murrel cultivation with rice bran , trash fish, snail , chicken offal etc . (including heads, bones and legs) .It's only viable if you are going for a commercial culture of murrel .

    Fully grown murrel fishs are usually transported in local fish markets in water filled pots to help traders sell it as live .

    Long distance shipment by train is a bit risky and not viable during summer .
    It's ok in monsoon or winter .

    Min. weight required for air freight is 100 kgs +plus
    Kolkata to Chennai air freight charge is Rs 5000/ 100 Kgs .
    The higher the weight lesser the price .

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  8. manapparai

    manapparai New Member

    thanks for your comments, they are helpful. I am sorry I didn't open this account for more than a week.
    I want to set up a murel fish form. But it may take more than eight months to take the first harvest.

    Till then I want to stock well grown fishes bought from West Bengal and sell themvdhere.

    I saw the freight information sent by you.
    you may please advise me at what lowest cos tfor which we can buy
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  9. pragai

    pragai Member

    Sir your mail id pl.
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  10. maitys

    maitys Active Member

    Today's wholesale fish market rate : ( Howrah , WB )

    Species : Murrel ( Shol )
    ( weighing 800-1 kg ) : Rs 170 / kg
    ( weighing 1 kg to less than 2 kg ) : Rs 220 / kg
    ( weighing above 2 kg - 2.5 kg ) : Rs 270 / kg

    Insulated Thermocol ice box ( 25 lts ) Retail price : Rs 450 -500 each .

    10-12 kgs of Murrel fish can be packed in each box
    Each box requires 10-12 kgs of ice : Rs. 70

    Internal transportation charge : Rs 1500 per trip
    Howrah station unloading and loading by Rly coolie with trolley : Rs 100 each box

    Rly freight charge ( Howrah to Madurai ) : Rs 700 each box ( incl GST )

    NOTE : Consignee GST is mandatory for booking bulk parcel .Airlines doesn't accept bulky ice packed cold fish box parcels , due to fishy odour and fear of damage during rough handling at airports .
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  11. manapparai

    manapparai New Member

    dear sir,
    thank you very much for the detailed report.
    here in madurai shol fish can be sold above Rs. 350/- per kg.
    If we could procure and keep them in stock for a few days we can sell them for a profit.
    But the obvious problem is that we must receive them here alive.
    We shall keep in touch while looking for the possibilities of transporting them alive to Madurai.
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  12. ganesh321

    ganesh321 New Member

    I have murrel (viral) fish well grown 1-1.5 foot length looking for genuine buyer. R u intrested
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