Article Mr. Bachubhai Savjibhai Thesia - Invents solar powered machine to keep farm safe from wild animals

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    Invents solar powered machine to keep farm safe from wild animals

    “Farmer needs to sleep well in night after a day-long hard work on the farmland to be ready for the next day work. In order to give him a good night sleep without any worries of wild animals spoiling his fields I decided to develop a machine that wards off the animals from entering the farm without causing any harm to any of the living soul. After series of experiment I invented ‘Zatka Machine’,” says the serial innovator from Gujarat, Mr. Bachubhai Savjibhai Thesia.
    Mr. Bachubhai Savjibhai Thesia.jpg
    Mr. Bachubhai Savjibhai Thesia

    Zatka Machine is solar powered machine that generates 10k volt pulses and energizes the farm fence. The pulses travel in the fencing wires at regular interval of 1.0 second and the duration of each pulse will be 0.04 seconds. When any animal tries to enter the farm it gets a shock (zatka) and runs away. “The shock only scares the animal creating a psychological fear while doesn’t harm it in anyway physically,” he asserts.

    The machine is connected with the battery and solar panel. The set of three is then connected with the farm fence. “There should be alternate rows of power wire and earthing wire tied to the poles with a plastic insulator. It is mandatory to put a plastic insulator at the minimum distance of one inch between the wires and pole.” Only galvanized wires must be used to make the fence. Poles can be made using cement, wood or iron. The battery gets recharged everyday with the solar panel.
    Mr. Bachubhai Savjibhai Thesia receiving award from late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.jpg
    Mr. Bachubhai Savjibhai Thesia receiving award from late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

    Speaking of its unique features Mr. Bachubhai says, “The machine has a self protection system. It has auto sensor through which it starts and energizes the farm fence in the late evening and stops in the morning automatically. The shock is effective yet harmless for the animals. When any plant comes in touch with the fence the battery doesn’t discharges. In case the fence wire breaks there is no fear of shock. Although being solar operated it works proficiently even during winter and rainy season.” In case of any tampering on the fence the alarm installed in the system gets activated and alerts the farmer/caretaker.
    Mr. Bachubhai Savjibhai Thesia with Mrs. Pratibha Patil.jpg
    Mr. Bachubhai Savjibhai Thesia with Mrs. Pratibha Patil

    It has two models. Mini Zatka Machine gives the protection for 10 acre. It costs Rs. 13 thousand. Second model, Zatka Machine costs Rs. 21 thousand. It protects farm area upto 50 acre. Fencing cost is additional as it depends on farm area. Fence can be erected by the farmer themselves to reduce the cost. Online video is available for assistance. Rest there is no maintenance or operational cost. At more than 10 thousand farms and government managed forest areas the machine is working successfully. Speaking on subsidy he says, “It varies from state-state. Presently subsidy on our machine is available in Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat state government while for rest of the states it can be availed through different corporate schemes.”
    Zatka Machine installed in the farm.jpg
    Zatka Machine installed in the farm

    The machine is manufactured and marketed by Vimox Innovations, Rajkot, Gujarat. The company was established in 2011 by Mr. Bachubhai’s sons, Mr. Pankaj and Mr. Alpesh. Prior to 2011 Zatka Machine was tested in farmlands across Gujarat state for 5-6 years. Only after successful trials and results it was commercially launched for the country sales. “We have appointed dealers in different states to facilitate sales and services of the machine. We are in process of appointing many more dealers throughout India,” he shares.

    Presently Mr. Bachubhai is working on solar lighting/inverter system exclusively for Indian villages. “Many villages in our country are still devoid of energy power. I am working on the system that shall give farmers the energy power at minimum possible cost. This project too is solar driven,” he reveals.

    Mr. Bachubhai has invented many farm implements and machinery for making agriculture a hassle free activity. His efforts and work have been recognized at the Indian President House more than once! “Being the farmer myself and hailing for agricultural based family I understand the intricacies of farming. Further there is nothing more important than growing food. Therefore all my inventions will be forever for the farming community,” he signs off.

    Contact details:
    Vimox Innovation
    Nr Mavdi Overbridge, Mavdi Plot, Rajkot - 360004, Gujarat
    Phone: + 91 72260 72333
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    Dear sir,
    i have a farm land of around 3 acres at Raigad District , ( Mangaon) wanted to fence for complete area with shock systems. kindly advice us with budget.
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    Dear sir,
    I need some clarifications on this topic,like if any children playing around comes in contact with the fence,what will happen?

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