Event Milky MUSHROOM Training Maharashtra-Kolhapur

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  1. biobritte2018

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    Mushroom learning center will be organizing Milky Mushroom Training.
    To know the details regarding it visit page

    Milky Mushroom Training-Biobritte

    • Introduction to Milky Mushrooms
    • Uses of milky mushroom
    • Nutritional content of milky Mushroom
    • Growing space and infrastructure requirement
    • Growing parameters
    • Sterilization of the growing substrate required
    • Casing for bags
    • Pests, disease and water management
    • Systems of placing bags
    • Harvesting and grading of milky Mushrooms
    • Marketing of Milky Mushrooms
    • Economic importance of Milky Mushrooms
    • Certified training program
    • One day training
    • You will receive mushroom kit and training certificate.
    Other growing assistance will be provided after training for free (except site visit).
    Personalized Mushroom Training Will be provided on Demand
    Fees per person: 1000 INR/Person

    Register in advance to book your seat

    For Latest Updates regarding Mushroom Training Sessions

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  2. pavikumar

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    Hi sir / madam
    Can we grow milky mushrooms using cocopeat.
    If yes can you give me the details...

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