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  1. gbishwakarma434

    gbishwakarma434 New Member

    I am from Assam north east India. I have around 20acres of land at Hojai district.. I am going to start aloe Vera farming From 2018. if there is any one interested to buy Aloe Vera leaves or gel from northeast then please contact me
    my contact no is
    Ganesh Bk
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  2. oursuccess

    oursuccess Active Member

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  3. ajayb91

    ajayb91 New Member

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  4. ajayb91

    ajayb91 New Member

    Your contact details please.
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  5. sumit_123

    sumit_123 New Member

    Hello sir,
    I want to start alovera farming please help me how to start and how to deal with your organization
    Sumit Tewari
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  6. oursuccess

    oursuccess Active Member

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  7. oursuccess

    oursuccess Active Member

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  8. Dear Rahul ji,

    where do you reside?? what quantity of aloe vera you require???
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  9. srioscular

    srioscular New Member

    Hi Ajay,
    I am planning for aloevera farming, and i would like to discuss regarding the same could you please provide me your contact details.

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  10. israilsk

    israilsk New Member

    Sir I am live in Nagpur district. I have aloe Vera farm at Narkhed . Send me buyer detail, like company and agent.
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  11. basera

    basera New Member

    Sir I have 50 acar Aloevera farm in Rajasthan, I want sell Aloevera leave. Please contact me,
    Dear sir
    I have 50 acar Aloevera farm in district- Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan.
    I want to sell Aloevera leave regularly. Please contact me.
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  12. basera

    basera New Member

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  13. lalitkumarjiet

    lalitkumarjiet New Member

    Hi ajayb91. I have capacity of 50tons supply every month. I am from Rajasthan . Let me know if u r interested for buying aloe vera leaf.
    Thank you
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  14. kranthi goud

    kranthi goud New Member

    Hey Iam looking aloe vera buyers for long time contract. iam from telangana for details contact me on mail Mail
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  15. shifuji

    shifuji New Member

    I'm from Madhya pradesh vidisha district near Bhopal, I want to know there is possible farming of alovera.please suggest and guide me.
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  16. vignesh akoliya

    vignesh akoliya New Member

    I am from Dholakiya Agrication
    We sell Pulp of Aloe Vera.
    Contact me : 9925745231
    E-mail :
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  17. vignesh akoliya

    vignesh akoliya New Member

    Aloe Vera Pulp Just Rs /- 30 per KG
    Aloe Vera Leaf Just Rs /- 6 per KG
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  18. mohit780

    mohit780 New Member

    i am located in gujarat
    new at agriculture
    i was looking for some contract for growing aleo vera or other herbs
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  19. Hello mam,
    I m residing in Bombay but my native place is in Una near Nangal Dam. kindly share the location you reside in Himachal.

    I am into Aloe Vera farming.


    Satish Kumar Duvedi
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  20. guargum

    guargum Member

    Aloevera is profitable only if you establish a small pulp extracting unit. Because selling the leaves is perishable and not too much profitable. with pulp you can store it for longer duration.

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