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    Mr. Mangal Singh

    Enables farmers to pump water from flowing river without using any electricity or fuel

    Mr. Mangal Singh has designed water wheel turbine pump-cum-PTP machine to pump water from river and use the water to irrigate the farmlands. It is made using low cost and locally-available raw materials. The machine is environment friendly as it functions on sound mechanical principles and runs only on flowing river water. It does not need any electricity or fuel! Mr. Singh hails from Bhailoni Lodh village, Uttar Pradesh. The machine is named as Mangal Turbine.
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    Speaking of unique feature Mr. Singh says, "The water wheel can rotate even on a low water head of one metre. The RPM can also be increased and decreased as required through the step-up-gear box. It is a low-cost and zero maintenance machine to draw water from the river to the fields." He claims using his technology a dead canal can also be recharged.

    The machine is mounted on a steel shaft fixed on foundation supports. The shaft is coupled with a gearbox to increase the RPM of 1500 to 2200. The wheel rotates in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction. "The centrifugal pump lifts the water from one end, while a pulley is used to derive power to operate the machine. The water wheel turbine’s design is simple and it can be made in different sizes to meet varying location-specific requirements anywhere in the developing world,” he explains. The machine is started by opening the wooden or steel gate valve and stopped by closing the gate that halts water flow.
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    Mangal Turbine not only is used to harness the energy of flowing water to lift water for irrigation purposes and but can also carry out many other rural works such as operating various cottage industries, operating flour mill, sugarcane crushing, threshing, oil expelling and chaff cutting. “If required it can also provide drinking water and generate power. We successfully provided drinking water in Himalayas at the 120 feet height,” he adds. “The technology is simple but has the ability to conserve and store abundant cubic meters water.” It works 24/7 as it is in alliance with the nature.

    When asked about the space requirement he clarifies, “The wheel is 4 feet long. However, it can be customized as per the requirement of the buyer. As it is made using the local material changes in the design can be made easily. Price varies with the design of wheel and the distance to which the water needs to be carried. It has the potential to irrigate 100 hectare farmlands without any issues. The return on investment is much sooner than its competitors machine.”

    Mr. Singh has innovated the technology to save millions of Indian money but crippled due to corruption and bureaucratic indifference the innovation remains un-utilizes and innovater awaits to receive his deserved dues. He concludes with heavy heart, "I have huge satisfaction of crafting the machine that provides a clean alternative (non-conventional ) source of energy in remote rural areas for increasing agricultural productivity income and employment. Now to use it or not is left in the hands of users and government!"

    (As told to Shweta Dhanuka)

    Contact details:
    Mr. Mangal Singh
    Village & Post: Bhailoni Lodh, Block & P.S: Bar, Tehsil: Talbehat, District: Lalitpur, Uttar Pradesh - 284123, India
    Phone:05175-289635, 09415113935

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