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    I am looking to set up a dairy farm in Goa. I have the land required. Looking for consultants to conduct a feasibility study for set up of 10-20 crossbred cows going upto 50-100 in number over 5-10 years. Feasibility study should cover
    1)Financial modelling (including sensitivity analysis)
    2)Fodder management ( I am looking at buying fodder versus setting up a silage or hydrophonic machine)
    3)Site suitability
    4)Project report to be submitted to bank
    5)Livestock management (rotation, managing lactation period, culling)

    In case of any leads do let me know. Any contacts in Mumbai or Goa would be helpful.
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    Pertaining to you query, We can provide you - Feasibility Study Report , Location Analysis Service, Business Modelling, Project Report, Assisted Animal & Machinery buying program and Shed Design.

    Generally for dairy farming and milk processing - we provide startup consultation right from planning to execution.

    Initial Consulting – Business Modelling
    Business Plans /Project Report – Dairy Farm
    Company Registration
    Land Selection Assistance
    Shed Design
    Assisted Animal Buying Program
    Assisted Machinery Buying Program

    and Many more ...

    Please contact us to start your dairy Farm.

    Meticulous Business Solutions
    Mr. Yogesh - Food & Agri Business Consultant
    +91 992 167 1369
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    Hi Alirio,
    Would be good to catch up with you. I am from Goa..

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