Wanted Looking for Farm Land/Farm House in South India.

Discussion in 'Discussion Topics' started by sindiafarmland, Apr 3, 2017.

  1. sindiafarmland

    sindiafarmland New Member

    Hi I am looking for Farm Land/Farm House in south India. I am interested in farm that has fruit bearing trees, growing vegetables. I would like either with a house or without, if there is isn't one then i can build my own. I am not looking for expensive farm house/land . Depending on the location can be between 10 to 40 acres.
  2. y2karjun

    y2karjun New Member

    we have a land near Bangalore if your interested please contact us
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  3. lakshman rao

    lakshman rao New Member

    please call me 0n +91 8123075038 to fullfill your requirement
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  4. sarvaman

    sarvaman Member

    Hi Sir
    Where do you like to have a farm land? Please suggest the area and also within how many Kilometres between a Major City.
    Feel Free to Call B.Madhusudan @ 98451 37288
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  5. 18031956

    18031956 Member

    I will show your requirement at tamilnadu,karnataka and andhara in southern state. please contact.cell no 9443989346
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  6. sin123

    sin123 Member

    I have land near banglore.
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  7. arahman215

    arahman215 New Member

    I'm having 4.21 acres of land and a well with full set up. The land is having solar fence, is situated in Tirunelveli dist. If you are interested, contact me in my mail id:arahman215@gmail.com
    Mobile: 8056116325
    Time: 8 am to 11 am.
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  8. sindiafarmland

    sindiafarmland New Member

    My preference would be near a major city say 1-2 hr drive from Bangalore, Mysore, Hosur, Chennai, Coimbatore, anywhere in south india. I am not interested in expensive lat option, i am ok if the acreage is small too but minimum of 5 acre and max 40 acres.
  9. sajan tg

    sajan tg New Member

    We have a high tech dairy farm
    in God's own country Kerala near flowing beauty peryar
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  10. bindu_agri

    bindu_agri New Member


    i have 22 acres of land its just 185 kms from bangalore. we have a beautiful farm house .
    if any quires contact at bindia.vishvanath@gmail.com
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  11. vraja1963

    vraja1963 New Member

    Please call me @ 9626569993 for land bank of 2 to 20 acres in Cuddalore dist
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  12. viswanath ganesan

    viswanath ganesan New Member

    Dear Sir,
    The land is located in Western guards foot of the hill, Having scenic natural water falls is border of the our land. Soil is red and red sandy-loom, two bore well two solar 5hp motor pump and one agriculture free eb service. 7.5 acres has 2 feet * 2 feet drip irrigation installed, very fertile and got organic certification by SCOPE - Tamilnadu Govt. Suitable for organic integrated farming and also best investment. Please contact more details: 9710411132,9500062001.
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  13. khadartanu

    khadartanu New Member

    Total 3.5 acre land. Only 2.5 acre giving, minimum 0.5 acre for 500000. Option if you leave for rent we take for sheep farming & we pay 50000 to 75000 per year from 2nd year max up to 100% cash back. 1 St year development time. Booking 50 k for 0.5 acre balance at the time of registration. Location Vepanpalli near Krishanagiri. 79 km from Bangalore via Sharjapur. Plz call on 8880111361.
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  14. rper9985

    rper9985 New Member

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  15. vraja1963

    vraja1963 New Member

    Hi Sir,

    Please let me know is it ok for in cuddalore dist which is around 3-4 hours jourey from Chennai and Trichy as well. please call back @ 9626569993 for good fertile land.
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  16. sarvaman

    sarvaman Member

    Hi Sir
    There is an 8 Acre property at about 120 Kms from Bangalore. It is an open barren land, if you are interested please call B.Madhusudan 98451 37288.
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  17. shajathali

    shajathali Member

    I have 10 acrs mango farm with open well and electricity in Krishnagiri dist may be around 130 kms from bangalore with a farm house. next to a lake
    Price 10 lac per acr negotiable.

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  18. laxsh2013

    laxsh2013 New Member

    15 acres of land available for sale near by Pondicherry completely drip irrigated with sugarcane if you are interested please call my mobile number 9486623637
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  19. kalaifx

    kalaifx New Member

    I would say better choose your area and ur budget, then I guess it would be easy for you and others to suggest you.

    If any thing needed in and around Madurai. U may contact me 9994134358
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  20. srikanthan

    srikanthan New Member

    Please call or whats app with more details if still available

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