Wanted Looking for Dairy Animals (Sahiwal, Gir, Tharparkar & Red Sindhi)

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  1. moneyism

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    My name is Manikandan, right now am in overseas. Am interested in Indian breeds (Sahiwal, Tharparkar, Red Sindhi and Gir) to start small scale dairy farm nearby Thiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu. Looking for above mentioned dairy animals (10 number in each breeds), it would be better to have Calf around 2 years old (10x each) and one bull from each breeds. Do kindly provide quotation or else, pls advise where to get the native breeds for dairy. Thank you

    I can be reachable at hand phone @(65)96548314 or Whatsup or moneyism@yahoo.com

    Any buying location neayby Thiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu would be much helpful.

    Best Regards
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  2. amarnathreddy1979

    amarnathreddy1979 New Member

    i know some breeds but honestly i have no idea what kind of breeds they are..
    call me on 91 7842552007: email amreddy.k@gmail.com will discuss more..
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  3. tusharpatel

    tusharpatel New Member

    We have. Gir cow kindly contact us on +91 7016293762
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  4. elumalai1981

    elumalai1981 New Member

    Manikandan..Elumalai from USA.. I am also doing some research to start native cow dairy farm near Arakonam..please share any information you collected @elumalai@gmail.com
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  5. ranjith1

    ranjith1 New Member

    I can guide you for buying sahiwal and gir cows. Kindly contact me on my mail id - ranjith1985@gmail.com
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  6. bsivakumar

    bsivakumar New Member

    Dear amarnath,

    Sahiwal, Tharparkar, Red Sindhi and Gir are names of pure Indian desi cows which are specially reared for milking which gives good A2 milk...

    Dear Manikandan...

    you can add kankreg cows in your list as they Indian desi breed and are also raised for dairy purposes.

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  7. logudivi

    logudivi New Member

    Hai I'm Logesh. I'm looking for national bread cows. Plz contact me 9487976604
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  8. tnorganicdairy

    tnorganicdairy New Member

    Hi did you get any response.
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  9. devnsarkar

    devnsarkar Member

    Dear future dairy farm Promoters , all the mentioned pure indian breeds are available in Rajasthan and Gujarat mainly , but some parts of Haryana , U. P. and M. P. states are also available.. Best native breeds means high price .. mail me or call me [[ 09424824775 ==> dnsarkar41419@gmail.com .. Dr. Dev Sarkar , GGDFCS - Dairy & Livestock Consultancy Services , Ratlam ( M. P.)
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  10. jsrana

    jsrana New Member

    call me /whatsapp 9416911250, Dr. j . s. rana, NDRI. KARNAL, HARYANA,INDIA, NDRIJSRANA@GMAIL.COM
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  11. Hi Mani,

    We can provide Sahiwal, GIR, Tharparker, Kankrej, Rathi & Red Sindhi breed of cows with good yield and confornation. For further details pls call us on 9948033733 or email us on info@thesupremeagrotech.com also find attached the pics of a Gir cow project we had done for a client.

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