Wanted Land on lease required

Discussion in 'Discussion Topics' started by drvnm11, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. drvnm11

    drvnm11 New Member

    I have required land on lease
    with pomegranate crop min 5acres
  2. svtalwalkar

    svtalwalkar New Member

    I am a farmer in Satara,Maharashtra with Mango, Chikkoo trees. Interested in joining you.

    svtalwalkar@yahoo.com cell no.9766397500
  3. siddesh

    siddesh New Member

    25 Acres land is at Hiriyur, Karnataka suitable for pomogranate cultivation, I can give on lease either 5 acres or full. call me on 9845504912.
  4. sanjay58

    sanjay58 New Member

    i have four acre land near LIMDI, Gujrat, near Ahmedabad-Limdi Highway.
    if you accept i can offer for lease, for cultivation of pomegranate.
    S jhaveri
  5. rishi k

    rishi k New Member

    May I know where do u want
  6. drvnm11

    drvnm11 New Member

    Thanks for your reply
    i am looking for land in maharashatra
  7. drvnm11

    drvnm11 New Member

    Thanks for your reply
    but i am looking land in maharashatra
  8. drvnm11

    drvnm11 New Member

    Thanks for your reply
    kindly tell me details of land and area under crops,irrigation facilities and exact location of land
  9. vijaymod

    vijaymod New Member

    I have land in Gujarat 40 Kms from Ahmadabad if u r interested reach me on my mob no 07383334242
  10. drvnm11

    drvnm11 New Member

    in western ghats of maharashatra high rain fall area
  11. majiabds

    majiabds New Member

    I have 28 acre land in Nashik ,if interested please contact on India _qatar@ yahoo.com
  12. drvnm11

    drvnm11 New Member

    Hi brother thanks for your reply on agri forum
    kindly tell me details of your land in nashik
    1) location
    2) irrigation facility
    3) soil type
    4) current crops on land
    5) fencing to land Y/N
    6) expected lease per year
    7) duration want to give on lease
    contact on drvnmusale@gmail.com
  13. drvnm11

    drvnm11 New Member

    give me your contact no
  14. majiabds

    majiabds New Member

    Wordsapps--+974 66831685
  15. majiabds

    majiabds New Member

    Located at Lasalgoan- Shirdi highway via Bharawasphata
    2,Opened well one is. On the bank of Express cannel water brought through pipeline which is under repair
    Soil is black fertiled,plain plateau, one piece land
    As the irrigation facility is not yet.fully commissioned present crop is. Maize, wheat and horsegram ( channa) is cultivated
    Fence is not done as the boundaries demarcation is under progress.Will be done immediately after land. Revenue demarcation.
    Expected lease depends upon the facility expected and yeald recovered,progressively or mutual benifit agreement
    Duration also depends on mutua
    l agreement and benifits

    Thanks and regards,

    My wordsapps-- is +97466831685

  16. dhanamvmg

    dhanamvmg Support Team Staff Member

    @drvnm11 --- This message was received by AgricultureInformation.com's support team in response to your thread. We are posting it here for your information.


    Location--It is located on main road Lasalgoan-Shirdi via Bharawasphata,tar road, sanctioned for 6 lane

    Irrigation facility--Two opened well ,one on the bank of Express cannel, siffonn to land about 2 km

    Current Crops--Maize,wheat,Gram (Harbhara)

    Soil Type-- Dark Black , fertile

    Fencing--Not yet, but I'm planning to fence

    Expected lease-----As per area , currently it is 10000Rs/Acre

    Period of lease--Till mutually agreed, Indefinite




  17. majiabds

    majiabds New Member

    +974 66831685, 9867171389. 9867161489
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  18. contactvg

    contactvg New Member

    Pl. let us know where exactly you want in Maharashtra.
  19. vijaymod

    vijaymod New Member

    I have land in Gujarat 45 Kms from Ahmadabad if interested contact me on 7383334242
  20. svtalwalkar

    svtalwalkar New Member

    My contact No.9766397500

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