Sale Kashmir Saffron Direct from Farmers at Lowest Possible Prices Available Now.

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    We offer Pure and Organic Kashmir Saffron products direct from our member farmers in Kashmir. Only wholesale supply of the following products offered. Product prices will vary based on international market conditions and quantity orders.
    Products Available Now:
    1. Saffron Mongra-Whole 2. Organic Saffron Mongra-Whole (With or Without Organic Certificate)
    Other products (Listed below) will be available only in Oct-December.
    3. Saffron Lachha. 4. Saffron Mongra 1/2 Cut. 5. Saffron Mongra 1/4 Cut. 6. Saffron Powder 7. Saffron Choora (broken parts) 8. Saffron Style/Zarda 9. Saffron Stamine. 10. Saffron Petals. 11. Saffron Corms (Bulbs).
    Mail your inquiries with quantities required and your contact details to E:
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