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    Planted 40 lakhs trees in 10 years in urban educational institutes to enhance green cover

    Every district in each of 31 states must have minimum 33.3% green cover none of the state has it! Instead it is reducing at a rapid speed. In some areas the green cover percentage has dropped to alarming 4-5%. Mr. K. Abdul Ghani, Chennai, Tamil Nadu based entrepreneur took the initiative to plant tree saplings in 2006. Known as Green Man of India, he planted 40 lakh trees in educational institutions in more than 15 districts in Tamil Nadu and few other states like Karnataka and Maharashtra etc! Mr. Ghani, 33, speaks with us about his initial days, resolving space issues in urban areas, procuring trees and future plans. Excerpts:
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    Trees are our life line and I just wanted to increase the percentage of the green cover. I used to identify the empty space in schools, colleges and training institutes and plant a sapling. I decided on educational institutes to grow trees because the students and management can take care of the sapling till it got the grip of the soil and could survive independently. Of course I too remain in touch with them but they take the responsibility of routine monitoring. I started the journey alone in Chennai but now many across the country have joined my mission to ‘Save Green’.

    I observed people residing in cities do understand the importance of growing and maintaining trees but step back due to space, time and other teething problems. Therefore I decided to solve it all one after the other.
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    First I resolved the space issue! I started registering the identified empty space in the educational institutes in my ‘Space Bank’. As more people came to know about the project on their own they came forward and gave a small patch of their land for planting trees. Only requisite for registering the space is to sign the agreement that the plant shall not be disturbed for minimum 10 years. In this way space for planting sapling became accessible.

    Next I set up a tree bank. Generally people want to do something different on their special days like birthday or anniversary so planting a sapling is noble work. All those who are interested in growing trees mention the name of the trees, number and contribute the money in the tree bank.

    Once I get the enquiry in the tree bank I connect it with the space bank. Saplings are sourced from the nearest possible nursery. Mostly we only take up fruit bearing plants to increase the biodiversity. Third, there are few volunteers who want to do work for social cause on their free days. So they come and plant the saplings for those who have donated the tree in the tree bank in case it is not possible for them to come on the identified place. In this way I could grow trees in many parts of the country.
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    I did it all as per the rules and regulations. I have a written permission from the Government where it is mentioned that they can allow me to plant the saplings in the free space. It comes quite handy in interacting with first time strangers later the trust and relationship develops with all. I have also conducted more than 5,000 programs and events addressing environment issues.

    The response received is overwhelming. Contributions came from all sides. Encouraged with the results I am taking the project to the next level where plans are to involve entire nation to increase the green cover percentage. 31 Indian states shall be represented by 31 celebrities and they shall campaign to influence countrymen to come forward and plant the saplings. The state that increases the percentage of green cover to the maximum shall be felicitated. I am confident the mission shall be accomplished!

    Mr. K Abdul Ghani did his MBA and worked in the Standard Chartered bank. However to work on his mission of increasing green cover in the country he quit his job and now is an entrepreneur. He is an ISO 14000 consultant and commenced his branding company.

    (As told to Shweta Dhanuka)

    Contact details:
    Mr. K Abdul Ghani
    2/286, Muthamil Nagar, 31st Street,
    2nd Block, Opposite Sai Vivekandha School,
    Kodungaiyur, Chennai – 118,
    Tamil Nadu
    Phone: 099410 06786
    Email -
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    I am very much interested in your project
    I am ready to do volunteer services .
    hatS off to you people for doing great job
    my number 9444333160
    Abdul baSith
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    Hi Abdul,

    Appriciates the novel idea of planting more trees in the school premises. Just one suggetion, try to plant more jackfruit trees as this will provide fruits as well as in long term income from wood and this tree does not require much care once it has got a firm grip on the ground.


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