Question Is there any chance to make use of areca leaf waste ?

Discussion in 'Discussion Topics' started by l g hari, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. l g hari

    l g hari New Member

    I have newly started Areca Leaf Plate making unit and i'm getting more wastages on daily production. Is there any chance to make use of those wastages, i.e, like grinding for fertilizer, etc.,
  2. alchemistjk

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    Hello Mr. Hari
    We have a Microbial product for the waste to make Compost from that and use it for next crop with negligible investment. You don't need to buy any kind of machinery or no laboring cost.It's very effective and nutritious for soil/crop.You can use it as Compost or even you can sell it.You can contact us for more details:

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  3. padmanabhan_ganesan

    padmanabhan_ganesan Active Member

    You can try Composting / Vermi Compost of the Areca Leaf Waste.
  4. ronny wayne

    ronny wayne New Member

    Areca leaf waste is a kind of biomass materials. Such material can be used to make wood pellet fuel. You can use a wood pellet press to form these leaves into solid pellets and use them in stoves, furnace and cooking range. I am a salesman in a biomass equipment company. You can visit our official website to choose a suitable pellet press.
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