Question Is moringa cultivation possible as inter crop in Punjab ?

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    I have leased land of 5 acres in Punjab to develop a fruit orchard. The plants are planted in 10' * 7' (10 feet * 7 feet). Now i motivated to plant MORINGA trees as inter crop. Can anybody guide me pros n cons of Moringa cultivation in Punjab as inter crop. How many plants per acre can be planted. How much is cost and yield per acre as inter crop. Which variety is beneficial for Punjab
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    Have 1 moringa between two the existing plants and that too should be suffice, I believe. You can plant the moringa in the borders as well at 5-7 ft apart.
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    Yes. You can do Moringa (Drumstick) as inter crop in the fruit orchard with many other fruit trees. It can be planted at 6 x 6 ft apart. Varieties like PKM-1, PKM-2, ODC can be cultivated. If you want to sell leaf or dry leaf or leaf powder, you can prefer ODC Leaf abundant variety. We can supply seeds of all varieties and further advises and supports. Please mail land details with location details and specifying what are the fruit trees already planted because there are companion crop issues for most of the tree crops. Please mail to E:

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