Wanted I want to start my own dairy farm in Rajasthan

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    Hi, I want to start my own dairy farm in Rajasthan. I already have land. Currently I am based in Singapore and very soon I will relocate back to India. If anyone can help me regarding this, please whatsapp me @
    +65-96430130. I need consultancy service.

    Rajesh Bazari
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    1- Please collect the information on subsidies and incentives provided by your district, state and central authorities.
    2- Check all the information with bank and get the feasibility towards providing funds.
    3- Prepare small business model and discuss with family, friends and bank.
    4- Upon positive feedback, prepare project report and apply in the bank.

    We are start-up business consulting company, we surely can help you built your dream business.

    Get consultation for your dairy Farming queries- One Stop Complete Dairy Solution

    Initial Consulting – Business Modelling
    Business Plans /Project Report – Dairy Farm
    Company Registration
    Land Selection Assistance
    Shed Design
    Assisted Animal Buying Program
    Assisted Machinery Buying Program

    and Many more ...

    If interested you can call our expert.
    Meticulous Business Solutions Private Limited.
    Mr. Yogesh - Food & Agri Business Consultant
    +91 992 167 1369
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    Pl conact us forConsultncy and project report on a nominal fee of 1% of the prject cost.
    G.Ananda rao B.Sc(Ag)
    Agri Finance consultant,
    Vijaya Agro & SME Consultants
    Mobile: 9703128495
    Mail: garao56@gmail.com
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    hello ,
    Contact ,
    TEL : 8698707138 .
    MAIL : csk9091@gmail.com.
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