Wanted I want to purchased lemon plant

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  1. trikamaji

    trikamaji New Member

    Sir . Please give advise or address for buy Lemon plant of Thai seedless plant italy
  2. agricultureds

    agricultureds New Member

    Hallo dear

    yes , we are supplier of good quality lemon seedless plant in all over india.
    My whatsapp contact 9084800935.
    Contact all about lemon plant info.
    We are professional lemon seedless tissue culture plants.
  3. agricultureds

    agricultureds New Member

    Hallo dear

    we are profassional in supply of good quality tissue culture plants of pomegranate & lemon .we give full satisfaction to our custmer,s .regarding any information contact us.
    Whatsapp no.9084800935

    Mr Dharmendra Rajput
    Noida , U.P.
  4. Contact us for all kinds of fruit plants.

    Feel free to contact us at 9776211145 or mail to us at behuriaagro@yahoo.com
    Behuria Agro Farm, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
  5. shanmuga06

    shanmuga06 New Member

    We are having best variety of acid lemon BALAJI promoted by Andhra University
    With salient in comparable features like the BALAJI spreading aswellas bushy type.The yield starts on completion two years.The BALAJI lemon fruits are big size while comparing with the existing varieties .The Balaji lemon is the first among the lemon race.We also give well settled plant in poly bag The BALAJI lemon plant will having the three feet height and two years old.

    For more details plz.contact us:


    A Sivakumar,

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