Wanted I want to new gaushala

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  1. vineet singhal 2

    vineet singhal 2 New Member

    I want to new gaushala
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  2. aumsairam

    aumsairam Member

    We have suitable land for Gaushala in Tamil Nadu. If interested call 90430 32220
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  3. aksharambs

    aksharambs Active Member


    Get consultation for your dairy Farming queries- One Stop Complete Dairy Solution

    Initial Consulting – Business Modelling
    Business Plans /Project Report – Dairy Farm
    Company Registration
    Land Selection Assistance
    Shed Design
    Assisted Animal Buying Program
    Assisted Machinery Buying Program

    and Many more ...

    Please contact us to start your dairy Farm.

    Meticulous Business Solutions Private Limited
    Mr. Nikhil - Food & Agri Business Consultant
    +91 992 167 1578
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  4. devnsarkar

    devnsarkar Member

    GGDFCS India – Consultancy Summary
    We develops your Farm Dairy Project / Various Milk Products Process Unit at your own Agro – Commercial land area and with Complete infrastructure for Farm sector based on Productive herd , shed design and construction , bio gas and waste re-cycling management , milking parlor , Milking machines , vaccines , dairy lab equipments , medicines , productive and reproductive technologies , Vety. Clinic set up , cooling equipments , dairy farm sanitizers , nutrition for productive animals , routine shed + milking + feeding + breeding + various milk products unit with process section management , Milk Processing plant with capacity 10 K – 1.0 Lac / LPD including specific products , Cattle Feed Unit , Manpower management with HY Dairy Cows & Buffaloes , etc
    On Farm sector ,
    we provides complete infrastructure development with techno-commercial implementation on scientific basis.. Breed wise parent stock selection with procurement & supply of adults and growers. Also establish the complete comfort shed management , preventive health care , feeding systems with fodder & grazing management , breeding , calving & hygiene management to support various growth parameters in Dairy Farming …
    Dr. Dev N Sarkar ,
    dnsarkar41419@gmail.com [ 09424824775 ]
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  5. dash2014

    dash2014 Member

    We can help you to establish new Gaushala and successful management of the same. Please contact me. My mobile no. is 9426366718.
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  6. pvharish

    pvharish New Member

    Hello there,
    I am also looking for help in starting Gaushala in Karnataka. Please help me to find suitable land and other related help.
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  7. pvharish

    pvharish New Member

    Hi, in which state you can help.
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  8. samrockstar

    samrockstar New Member

    I'm interested to taking ur service , contact me
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