Question I want to develop a greenhouse plant in Rajasthan.

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    I want to develop a greenhouse plant in Rajasthan.
    I m now a student of agriculture (agriculture engineering) from Maharashtra.
    Plz contact me and give me all details about greenhouse,polyhouse, etc.
    My vision is only I want to become a good business men in agriculture sector.
    Name:- Mohit Choudhary
    Call:- 8983066332 , 9785848286
    WhatsApp:- 7791039888
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    Respected friend: Mr.

    Quotation for poly/green house.

    Thanking you for your inquiry and under signed had discussion with you ,regarding poly / green house .Please find attachment quotation for 1 acre and income chart, this is for your reference only

    As per your requirement our technical expert team will help you for setting up a poly house /green house : *project planning ---*Bank finance ---*project setup ---*government subsidy ---*Agronomy service. *marketing assistance etc, as a turn -key project as per your requirement. The turn-key project will be carried by, M/s, Green India Mission (P) Ltd .at Gujarat, further information please call 9377606345. Mr. , jaiswal Director , They are the pioneer manufacturer of poly house /green house.. Please visit our web;

    Advantages of green house,

    There are no consulting charges. poly house farming is better than open land farming, 1) ,O season crop production possible.2),The yield may be 2 to 10 times higher than that open cultivation .( its vary depend type of green house ,type of crop, environmental control facilities and type of seeds) 3),Reduction of labor cost.4),less requirements of water, compost, chemicals, pesticides.5),Easy to operate ,maintenance and controlling .6)Pest and diseases control fast and easy.7),Crop favorable and controllable ecological system.8),Easy adoptable modern technology of farming etc

    . M/S, BRIGHT INDIA is Tamil Nadu distributor for poly /green house contact mr, Rangaganessan, 9444123740

    After your conformation fresh detailed quotation will sent you from factory for further step. .

    Also sent your full address, place, location and contact numbers etc ,for further process,

    Please feel free to contact us for further clarification.

    Green India available at -- using:http//

    Thanking you ,

    With regards,




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    Dear sri Mohit chowdary,
    Please see the replies for you queries:

    I want to develop a greenhouse plant in Rajasthan.
    Plaease inquire with the Horticulture Department of (ADA/DDA at District level) as to whether 50% subsidy is available for green houes.

    I m now a student of agriculture (agriculture engineering) from Maharashtra.

    It is east for you to establish and manage green house cultivation

    Please inform how much area to be covered and water facilities available etc and crops/flowers to be grown

    Please contact us for project report for availing term loan from banks

    Vijaya Agro consultants, Vijayawada ,AP

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