Wanted I want to buy cheap fertile land 1 to 2 lakhs / acre 100 acres

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  1. gvkhyderabad

    gvkhyderabad New Member

    Need I want to buy agricultural land nearby Hyderabad 100km radius .
    1 to 2 lakhs per acre

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  2. mraja

    mraja New Member

    I can offer lands suitable for growing Walnuts / Apple / grapes or Hardwood / Softwood trees at a lesser price than your asking price.
    NOT interested in Russian buyers.
    If you are interested or a group individuals from India may respond, if lands are off interest at overseas.
  3. have 1200 acre land in jharkhand
    For sale 40 km from RANCHI on
    National hiway and 370 scre is also in jharkhand on National Hiway.
    Both are in good location.And 270 acre land us also available 30 km away from Ranchi Jharkhand,and 500 m away from National Highway at Mandar
    Surendra singh
  4. ajay7333

    ajay7333 New Member

    Location pls
  5. mraja

    mraja New Member

    Need to form a group.

    Location / expenses / other details on forming a group, the members will take active participation in agriculture, share equipments and fencing costs.
  6. sunil303

    sunil303 Member

    Surendra Singh,
    What is the price of Land you are offering on Highway ?
    My whatsapp 9324186600


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