Question I have 8 acres of dry land, suggest me what to do.

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  1. prathap65

    prathap65 New Member

    Friends,I have 8 acres of dry land in
    My village near bellari Karnataka. Because of heavy drought this year our bore well drained away. I am seeking some permeant solution for this type of dry regions. But one thing is land is well suited for all kind of cultivation.

    Thanking you in advance.
  2. Try cultivation of Moringa in Monsoon.
    Moringa is drought resistant tree and its farming will be profitable for you.
    If water is available, Little water in summer will be helpful for better growth in summer.
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  4. sin123

    sin123 Member

    don't you have other water facility.
  5. garao56

    garao56 Member

    Depending up on t
    The rain fall please go for farm forestry like Eucalyptus, Subabul, Casurina, bamboo etc

    G.Ananda Rao
    Vijaya Agro consultants
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  6. kalage

    kalage New Member

    As bellari is very sunny area. Go for solar plant.
  7. reva007

    reva007 New Member

    I agree with Solar plant..... but not for Eucalyptus, Subabul, Casurina, bamboo etc,
    As per the research on these trees the rainfall is dropped so much especially in Prakasam district where all the paper companies came and gave the farmers to try these trees for good revenue but the after 15 years now they are facing the real environmental issues with these trees.
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  8. reva007

    reva007 New Member

    nowadays, organic farming is a major trend, probably you can use your land to make vermi compost in your land and sell to the people who are looking for creating awareness.
    there are 2 major advantages
    1. your soil will be fertile and at the same time you will be earning some revenues
    2. you will get more knowledge when meeting lot of people and hearing the stories from them..
    based on that you can choose what you wanted to do
  9. vasgobi9

    vasgobi9 New Member

    Better to cultivate neem which will fetch you multiple income such as leaves,seeds finally wood after 20 years. Dr V Arumugasamy 9443540836
  10. anilnellore

    anilnellore New Member

    you can try Apple Bare which need less water and fruit demand is going up. as suggested in earlier post Moringa also suitable for dry lands, now a days Moringa leaf largely used in medicinal preparations. some types of medicinal plants suits for dry land and you can get buy back consultancies help. If you have time and sincerely planing to do some thing with your land you can get marvelous support in this group, there are so many progressive farmers doing wonders by practicing natural/Organic farming techniques in dry/less rain fall lands.

    best of luck...... :)

    Anil Kumar Nellore
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  11. venkat kadupukotta

    venkat kadupukotta New Member

    Try the dragon fruit cultivation, it is a desert plant (cactus). it should survive with less water.
    plant some and check how it works.

    hope it helps.
  12. venkcae3

    venkcae3 New Member

    Aswagandha is very good for draught conditions contact 9666647177
  13. garao56

    garao56 Member

    Please inform the rain fall pattern in your area and better to go for farm forestry

    G.Ananda Rao B.Sc ( Ag)
    Ex Agricultural Officer & Agricultural Banker
    Vijaya Agro Consultants
    Vijayawada -13

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