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    We are one of the most reputed and largest sugar boiled confectionery manufacturers in India, located in Jamnagar, Gujarat, currently working with MNCs, Corporates, NGOs, Governments and more.

    We have a plan of diversifying the industry by stepping in the Agricultural field

    Kindly provide us contact details of Israeli companies having a set-up in India for Hydroponics or the companies who are working on Israeli Hydroponics technology in India

    Sabina Naaz
  2. we are consulting on very upcoming Farming technology- Aquaponic-Hydroponic & C E A Embeded poly carbonate Green Houses for Vertical Farming, grows 10X than regular land farm,Call on 9422343844, Clean Green Consultancy, Mail.,

    We r newly established consultancy, Working from Pune base. We can meet you or discuss about u r plan if u give your mobile No.

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