Sale Hydroponic vegetables offered in Dodballapur

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  1. greennation

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    We are into Hydroponic farming of leafy vegetables, bucket farming of tomatoes and capsicum etc,
    we are looking for regular buyers with appropriate rates as compared to the existing markets.
    We are also open to contract farming.
    Enough of exploitation has been done by middlemen thugs,
    if there are any genuine buyers interested to buy pls contact.

    We are also into dairy farming producing 150 litres of fresh cow milk per day ( normal cow not A2 milk)

    Also having Amingad/ Yelaga sheep 150 no’s, we only do fattening and selling of sheep.

    V G Farms.
    Bangalor Rural
  2. sriram7005

    sriram7005 New Member

    hi sir,

    can i visit your farm ?
    also staying near Dodballapur.

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