Question How to start a dairy farm?

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    I wanted to start a dairy farm of 1-5 cattle's initially . please give me suggestions .and i wanted to know how get loan over it in ANDHRA PRAHESH .please give me your valuable suggestions
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  3. HF breed of cows will give 40-60 litres of Milk per day. For 5 cows, daily sales will be between Rs.7500 to 12,500/-. or a monthly income of Rs. 2,25,000/- to Rs.3,75,000 . The cost of Cow feed needs to b deducted.please check up, you get a sizeable percentage (upto50%) as Non-Refundable Monetary Assistance(Subsidy) from the Department of Animal Husbandary, Andhra Government and a certain percentage of Refundable Loan and a certain percentage as Processing Fees to the Local Agent.You may very well go for more number of cows in the 2nd or 3rd phases of your Dairy Farm Development since you get 35% Subsidy.. upto Rs.5 crores from the Government of India, remaining Loan amount from Andhra Govt and a very small contributional share from your End.....!!!
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