Question How many Acre any one person can keep;

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  1. choudry s h

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    Dear Sir/ Madam,
    Please advise as per new law , one person can keep how many acres agriculture & City land in Assam.
    Thanks & appreciate your all suggestions & concern.
    S H Choudry
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  3. ssunderagarwal

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    In Assam the land holding of agriculture land depends of its uses. It is not mentioned by the person concerned that what will be uses of the agricultural land in Assam. Generally in Assam Land is in Bigha and each bigha is equal to 14,400 sq. ft. which consists of 5 Kothas each kotha is 2880 sq. ft. If the land is for Tea cultivation then the limit is different but if it is for Paddy cultivation then also the limit is different. Hence, till the person gives full details it is very difficult to comment or gie any advise.

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