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    We are looking for a professional with experience in raw honey processing, filtration and bottling .

    Consultancy or job..Both options available.

    Please contact on whatsapp number +918120120575
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    your mail id pl.
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    Generally we see bottled honey in it’s familiar liquid form , but with the new processing innovations nowadays honey is being processed in 10 different ways as per marketing strategy of the brand .

    Classification of honey :
    Mono floral : primarily from the nectar of one type of flower
    Polyfloral : Derived from the nectar of many types of wild flowers , also called forest honey .

    Some of the honey processing technology are :
    1.Comb honey : meant to be consumed still in the wax comb
    2. Chunk honey : packed in wide mouth containers consisting of one or more pieces of comb honey immersed in the extracted liquid .
    3.Organic honey : produced, processed and packaged in accordance with national regulations and certified as such by some government body or an independent organic farming certification organisation
    4. Crystallised Honey : also called granulated honey. Some part of the glucose content has spontaneously and naturally crystallised from solution as a monohydrate .
    5.Pasteurized Honey : Reduces mouisture levels, destroys yeast cells, liquefies crystals . Excessive heat exposure results in product deterioration . Heat also affects appearance, taste and fragrence . Can darken the natural honey color
    6.Raw Honey : honey as it exsists in the beehive or as obtained by extraction, settling or straining without adding heat above 120 degrees F. Contains some pollen, wax particles .
    7. Strained Honey : Honey that has been passed through a strain to remove particulate material without removing pollen, minerals or valuable enzymes.
    8. Ultra filtered Honey : Honey processed by very fine filtration under high pressure . Removes all extraneous solids and pollen grains . Very clean . Has a longer shelf life . Preferred by the supermarket trade . Degrades certain qualities of the honey much like the pasteurisation process
    9. Ultrasonic Honey: Processed by ultrasonic process . Non-thermal alternative for processing. Destroys most of the yeast cells and those that are not destroyed generally lose their ability to grow . Reduces the rate of fermentation
    10. Whipped Honey : also called creamed honey, spun honey, churned honey, candied honey, honey fondant . Processed to control crystallisation having a cloudy smooth spreadable consistency .

    Indian markets are flooded with honey of various types and brands.
    Currently 143 brands are in the procuring , processing approx. 65-70 K MT honey in India
    India exports honey to Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bangladesh and Morocco and US to the tune of 40K MT per annum , sixth in the global honey export place .
    The scope and demand for honey have inspired a variety of players to enter the domestic and overseas market – from big brands like Dabur, Apis Himalaya, Himalaya , Patanjali , KVIC , Necter Fresh , Pioneer Food , Zandu , Hitkari , Baidyanath to upcoming honey brands Organica , Nature land , 24 Mantra , Terra Green , Honey Basket , Little bee , Himflora , Beez , MSG , Pavito , Farm Honey , Dyu etc. entered domestic market are also taking a step in the direction of exports.
    The exotic and value-added varieties of honey fetch even better margins across international markets.
    But not all producers look at the international market as more profitable rather domestic market offers better profits and has potential to grow further.
    For export True Source / USFDA / SASO ( Saudi Arabia ),CODEX / BIS / FSSAI certification is mandatory
    For export honey should be antibiotic free .
    Sourcing the right quality / unadulterated honey in pure form is the biggest challenge and processing at farm end is a tough task .

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