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  1. dineshkumarvs

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    hello all,

    I have some excess of turmeric seeds in cambodia after my planting area. The curcumin content of the variety is more than 7.5 percent and some seeds are more than 8% which is the highest quality in the world. Seed cost before weight loss will be 700usd per ton. Please contact me if anyone need this seed. Available of 10 ton now.

    You can call me at +855 97296 6450 or email me at
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  2. greenlandfns

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    Can you deliver 1 MT to Karnataka (Bangalore)? What will be the per kg cost for delivery to Bangalore? Please mails us product photograph and rate quote for delivery to Bangalore. Please mail to E:
  3. dineshkumarvs

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    Please check your email. I replied privately.
  4. greenlandfns

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    Ok. Mr. Ganesh (GK Exports, Bangalore) had told me earlier about this turmeric farming project in Cambodia and I have checked with him whether you are the same person and he confirmed it. Will get back to you soon regarding your mail. All best.
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