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  1. vkjain

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    Our Company has following herbs requirement:

    Aloevera pulp and moringa powder
    American Saffron
    Aloevera leaves
    Watermelon, Lemongrass, ashwagandha, anatto, safed mulsi
    organic tuermeric
    spirulina, black turmeric
    dry ginger chips

    Those interested in supply, please contact at rajspicenmh@yahoo.in
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  2. jann5771

    jann5771 Member

    We can supply organic turmeric 9787425932
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  3. Contact us for further information 7977466478 we have herbs
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  4. Contact me for alovera pulp,leave
    Surendra singh
    7766821744 watsup no
    Send me yoir no
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  5. bjpatel2096

    bjpatel2096 New Member


    We can supply you with Dried Moringa Leaves. Kindly send contact me on 9879102096 for cost and transportation details.

    Bhavik Patel
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  6. nzimik123

    nzimik123 New Member

    Hi sir, i have black turmeric upto 1 tone. Please quot the price and your location. Feel free to call 8414801509.
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  8. Greetings from tamilnadu madurai.....we have all herbal powder ready to exports please contact me. 763959818. And my website adress ...www.selvamorganicexports.com
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  9. pawan645916

    pawan645916 New Member

    Sir i have 4 kg american saffron. Mob-9694121965
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  10. venkcae3

    venkcae3 Active Member

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  11. pawan645916

    pawan645916 New Member

    Sir i have 4kg American saffron. Mob-9694121965
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  12. ngopa2009

    ngopa2009 New Member

    Is it for export or domastic sales
    To which place you require

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