Event HBM-217 th Edition- Emerge of 1st Generation -Herbal Entrepreneur.-Learn the Experience

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    Dear Herbarian,


    Entrepreneurs are born or made ...

    Yes , Here is an example how a person emerges as entrepreneur ,that too in Herbal Business.
    Having completed an Engineering course ,have promoted a Herbal Trading House at Dindigul ,a juncture of Hills .
    Focusing on a few herbals on vertical base ,streamlining his various activities to spread the firms mileage in different sectors like Retailers , Siddha /Ayurveda medicine Manufactures, Exporters of Herbals etc.

    The significant part of his success is on sourcing herbals not merely on quality and also on the right price.
    While there are a huge lot of Traditional - Family owned established business houses, How Mr Vinoth is facing such competition is another aspects to analyse.

    So, If you are keen in setting up of a Herbal business,or keen in further strengthening your existing business, this is a right platform for learning and sharing.
    Please note the details
    • 217 th Herbal Business Meet- HBM
    • Date-09-04-2019
    • Day - Tuesday
    • Time- 10.29-11.59 am
    • Resource person : Mr M.Vinoth,BE,,M/s VMR Spices & Country Drugs, Dindigul
    • Venue - TACED hall, Saradha complex, silmmakal Rountanna, Madurai-625001
    • Reg fee Rs 100 per person

    NGOs/ Emerging herbal entrepreneurs /Consultants/Bank officials/ Farmers keen in Cultivation / Youth seeking for business opportunities may take part in the program.

    For more details ,kindly call us

    With regards,
    Yours sincerely
    Tamilnadu Council for Enterprise Development (TACED)
    Saradha Complex, Simmakkal
    Madurai - 625 001
    94431 59345, 0452-2627989

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