Question Guide me to start agriculture based business in Kanchipuram.

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  1. thulasidas15

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    I am from chennai, working in HR field. We are having farming land in Kanchipuram, (approx. 4.5 acres) so far rice has been cultivated. Now I decided to use 1 acre of agriculture land, but I have no knowledge in agriculture. I have did some research on internet, basically I want to do something which can be exported to other countries. So I am interested in spices or medicinal plants. Or can i go for planting herbs and greens. I think herbs and greens will grow quickly. Please guide me.
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  2. thulasidas15

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    Please help
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    You can contact me for farming information.
    (Agriculture Consultant & Agro-Homeopath)
    Contact no. 07017965455 / 09058000145

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