Question Guidance Required for Aloe Vera farming in Satara area ( Pune )

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  1. faisal baug

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    Dear Sir/Mam,

    I have land in Mhaswad village of Satara District ( Maharashtra ). I am interested in doing aloe vera farming on 5 acre of land. Can any company provide assistance for plantation of aloe vera and also require details about buy back agreement.

    Awaiting for your reply.

    Kind regards,

    Faisal Iqbal
  2. poushalivmg

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  3. parth12

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    Dear Sir/M'am,

    I have land in Pune district, I am interested in aloe vera farming 1 acre of land. Can any company will provide assistance for farming & also require details.

    Thanks with best regards

    Sujata Walunj
  4. Dear Sujata Madam,
    What type of assistance you need as there are many requirements like electricity, labour, road connectivity etc. also it depends on the requirement ( demand) of aelo vera leaf in your area.
    kindly give details. .
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  5. faisal baug

    faisal baug New Member

    Hi Satish,

    Do you provide assistance for aloe vera cultivation and buy back agreement in Mhaswad area ( Satara , Maharashtra ). If you do please could you send me an email about the details on
  6. v3farmers

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    I am ready with Aloe Vera Plants for harvesting, looking for buyers.

    Kindly support with details of buyers.
  7. faisal baug

    faisal baug New Member


    Which area do you cultivate in ?
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  8. v3farmers

    v3farmers New Member


    Please share your contact details.

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