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    My name is Shankara Narayanan. I am 31 years old and a Chartered Accountant by profession.

    I am going to work for a non profit organisation that helps improve the livelihood of small farmers.

    Apart from the practical exposure that I would get by observing the working of the farmers in the field I am very keen to also obtain a degree in agriculture through distance learning.

    However after going through various websites of agricultural universities, I have not been able to find such programs.

    Hence I would be grateful if you can :

    a) guide me with details of relevant courses that universities offers as part of its distance leaning program and/or
    b) provide syllabus of diploma degree of a reputed university along with the details of prescribed text books

    Thank you for your guidance and look forward to hearing from you.
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    Free Training in Organic/Traditional/Natural/Bio-dynamic/Vriskha Ayurveda/Spiritual Farming:
    We offer hands on training in natural/traditional, organic, bio-dynamic, vriksha ayurveda, spiritual farming systems without fee to those who are really interested and ready to do the hard work of farming activities along with the workers-this is the only way to learn real farming. No degree, diploma or doctorate will make you a real farmer. You have to pay for your food and accommodation only. You can get training in our present start up organic farm project where work is going on now, in Cheelapally village, Gudipala Mandal, Chittoor district, AP, around 20 KM from Chittoor, AP and 40 KM from Vellore/Katpadi (Tamil Nadu). We have other start up organic farm projects coming up in Coimbatore (near Mettupalayam), Kolhapur, Madoshi Village (Thane), Bijapur, Gowribidanur, and currently running projects in Vizianagaram, Attappady etc.
    If you really want to do a University course in farming activities by Distance Education here are the possibilities:
    Madurai Kamraj University ( Diploma courses in Pisciculture (Fishery) and Plant Tissue Culture & Nursery Technology, Water Quality Assessment, and Certificate courses ( in Sericulture, Vermiculture, Mushroom Culture.
    Certificate Course in Organic Farming:
    IGNOU Certificate Course:
    Please mail us for further details about the Free Training if interested and ready to do hands on farm work: E:
    Our details, activities and services can be seen in other posts in this site or you may see:
    Greenland Farms & Nursery Services/Medicinal Planters Association of India/SDMC Network.
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    Myself, Kumar have completed B.Sc(Agri) and CA working with MNC in Bangalore. Let me know your contact details

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