Wanted Ground nut seeds to grow ground nut plant near Bangalore

Discussion in 'Discussion Topics' started by maluraman, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. maluraman

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    Dear Sir, i am planning to grow ground nut plant near bangalore. Where i can get good ground nut seed near to my place. Please contact 9844887447.
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    Go to National Seeds Corporation shop or Karnataka State Seed stores in Hebbal or seed traders in Hebbal, Bangalore.
    Please see our diverse posts in this site (Well Known Member: greenlandfns). Please also see our Farming Training Course details in this site. Mail us for follow up to E: greenlandfns@gmail.com
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    i can provide 9666647177
  4. maitys

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    Most of the farmers of Karnataka prefers to grow old Spanish variety -TMV-2 ; GPBD-4 ;Kadiri-9 , ICGV-00351, Dharani , GPBD-5 are other geno type varieties popular among Karnataka farmers .

    ICGV 03043 is a new variety of ground nut developed by ICRISAT and Directorate of Groundnut Research , Junagarh , GJ

    ICRISAT - DGR claimed ICGV 03043 variety performs much better than best local varieties as it resists leaf spot disease (tikka) and pests like Spodoptera moth as the small and narrow leaves are a deterrent for the moth to lay eggs. Its evergreen foliage is also a good source of quality fodder.
    ICGV 03043 is more climate resilient as higher pegging (up to 40 against 15) and a slightly longer growing cycle (140 days against 120 days in the post-rainy season) means it has higher chances of recovery.
    ICGV 03043 requires less fertiliser and pesticides having the highest oil content of 53% among cultivars grown in India
    ICGV 03043 has a 20% lower seed rate i.e. 150 kg of seeds per hectare.

    If you are going for a large scale groundnut cultivation then it's better to interact with Directorate of Groundnut Research , University of Agriculture , Raichur , Karnataka to suggest right variety suitable for your agro climatic conditions .
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